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Matt O. Wilson

Burlington Northern Santa Fe - Montana Rail Link
Austin Western Railroad

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January 23,2012

File: Article IX, Arb. Award 458
Northwest Triangle ID Notice


M. H. Siegele
2600 Lou Menk Drive
P. O. Box 961030
Fort Worth, TX 76161-0030

Dear Mr. Siegele:

This is in reference to your notice dated January 19, 2012, received January 20, 2012, served pursuant to Article IX of Arbitration Award 458 dated May 19, 1986. This notice proposes to begin "interdivisional district service" at Auburn, Washington that will work Auburn-Pasco, Pasco-Vancouver and Vancouver-Auburn. This is to advise that we are not in agreement that the Carrier is within its rights to establish the service suggested in your notice. We request a meeting to discuss the establishment of a procedural Board which would serve to determine whether the proposed service is subject to negotiations under Article IX.

If the UTU General Chairmen agree, we are agreeable to meet jointly with BLET, UTU and BNSF. In any event, we expect that the Carrier will maintain the current status quo until we have had an opportunity to meet.


/s/ Matt Wilson

General Chairman


cc:    Dennis Pierce, BLET National President
        Mike Priester, BLET Vice President
        Gary Larsen, BLET Local Chairman, Division 518
        Rich Reeves, BLET Local Chairman, Division 238
        Rick Etienne, BLET Local Chairman, Division 758
        Jeff Grimes, BLET Local Chairman, Division 402
        Jay Schollmeyer, General Chairman, UTU
        Steve Green, General Chairman, UTU
        Brent Lind, Associate General Chairman, UTU
        Robert Johnson, General Manager, BNSF Northwest Division
        Jason Ringstad, General Director, BNSF Labor Relations

Northwest Triangle ID Service
January 20,2012