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We Are The Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers & Trainmen on the 
Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad at Vancouver Washington 


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02-10-14, 12:20 AM

> FRA Emergency Order 28. Important!! Please Read
FRA issues EO 28 relating to leaving trains or cars unattended. Be sure to fully understand these requirements.

> Trains/Cars Left at Wishram WA.
If you do any work at Wishram, please be sure to fully understand these instructions!

> Certification Requirements for Engineers
Carrier serves notice that engineers not completing certification requirements will be held from service until completed.

>GCA Rebuts BNSF's Iron Triangle Article IX.
The General Chairman takes the position that the proposal is outside the purview allowed by an Article IX under the provisions of Arbitration Award 458.

>Trainmen Dues Notice
The National Division post trainmen dues for BLET. These are for those with no engineer seniority date. The dues as of December 2011 will be $22.00 per month

> DOL Authorized FMLA Medical Provider Forms
These forms are direct from the DOL website, and are the authorized forms.





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